[nycbug-talk] Survey for upcoming 'Hacking iBook'

Bob Ippolito bob
Tue Apr 20 22:30:47 EDT 2004

On Apr 20, 2004, at 10:12 PM, G. Rosamond wrote:

>>> Sunny, why don't you explain why so many Linux people are so
>>> anti-Apple?
>>> Although I know most of the answers. . .
>> From what I can tell..
>> They don't want to spend, or can't afford, the premium for pretty
> It is substantially cheaper to go i386.  and who needs good looking
> computers?

It's not substantially cheaper in the portables market, which is what 
most converts own anyway.  The desktops on convenience and proprietary 
software alone, and that just doesn't work very well in the *nix scene. 
  I believe the new Xserve G5s definitely have something going for them, 
because it's a lot of power to put in a little box, that is 
competitively priced for what it is..  I know the scientific market is 
really getting into the Apple groove these days.

>> boxes.  I.e., they'd rather spend a week recompiling kernels and
>> fiddling with X11 settings so that it runs on the toaster.
> Nothing wrong with that. . .kernel hacking is something Apple people
> don't get enough of. . .

Far, far, far, far fewer things need to be in-kernel with the Mach 
architecture.. that's why.  I've done a little bit of xnu hacking, but 
it's really just not necessary very often!


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