[nycbug-talk] 2nd Planning Meeting for NYCBUG 01/06/04 notes

G. Rosamond george
Tue Jan 6 22:10:10 EST 2004

NYCBUG Planning Meeting		January 6, 2004

notes by GEORGE

present were:


Announcement Spiel

Much discussion about spiel that will go on lists and www sites.   (note
that there were no comments when posted to the list in  mid-December).
Main points were emphasis and structure.   Meeting title for Feb 4
determined to be "Secure by Default:  Learning from OpenBSD."  GEORGE
will provide updated version shortly, and all can begin distributing.
HANS will send him copy from today's meeting.

!!!Everyone should have NYCBUG.org aliases to post announcement!!!

Distribution broken down as follows:

* Deja/usenet, covering all BSD and Mac lists, MARC
* Mailing lists, advocacy & chat:
	Darwin/Mac, MARC
* Sites
	Daemon News, GEORGE
	Deadly.org, WES
	bsdforums.org, MICHAEL
	bsdvault.net, KLIMENT
	bsdhound.com, GEORGE
	kerneltrap.org, KLIMENT
	rootprompt.org, HANS
	bsdatwork.com, MICHAEL
	bsdnet.org, MARC
	freebsddiary.org, GEORGE
	bsdusergroup.org, GEORGE

And of course, everyone is encouraged to go through bookmarks  and add
to the list.  It's a good idea to tell others via list  other locations
announcement is posted.

BOF Meeting

ARON isn't present, he was responsible for fliers for BOF & Feb  4th
meeting flier.

Vistaprint.com doesn't do fliers, so GEORGE will talk with ARON  about
an alternative.  We should need approximately 500.  Could  order
business cards with NYCBUG and wwww site from Vistaprint.

GEORGE will chair meeting, Don from BSDMall will speak for five
minutes, followed by Wes and Michael on NYCBUG.  WES will also  do a
book signing and provide "Network Security Illustrated" 50%  off.  MARC
will deal with refreshments.

Linux Expo

KLIMENT will deal with large signs (3) with NYCBUG logo & logos  of the
projects, and will send markups to list for review.   Fliers & signs
will be at NYPHP & BSDMall tables, at least.  All  should plan to
volunteer a few hours over the duration of the  show.

GEORGE will talk to BSDMall about distributing WES' book, and  having
him at BSDMall table for book signing.

SOMEONE (?) will take care of finding bar for informal get  together
after January 22nd BOF meeting.

Vendor Relations

We're getting a bunch of FBSD 4.8 cd's from BSDMall, Michael  will speak
to publishers about free books and discounts with  lead from HANS.
GEORGE will follow up with ARON about Wasabi.   WES will follow up with
Dave Cook at TekServe, also he should  mention meeting space.


GEORGE will email Marshall about logo for approval.  Possibly  redesign
to integrate different BSD variants.

WWW Site Revision

GEORGE & HANS will discuss.

Mailing List

Managed officially by MARC.

Mail Accounts

Going to stick to aliases, until we can get mail server.

Regular Meeting Space

Temporarily, we will use Sage, but should investigate larger  space,
such as TekServe.  Free only, as in beer.

Proposed Meetings

Need to plan March 3rd meeting as soon as possible.  ARON needs  to talk
to Wasabi about BSD & Embedded Systems talk, WES can  talk to TekServe
about BSD & OSX talk.

Documentation Project

Michael's laptop battle will be posted, possibly using CMS app  from
NYPHP.  Will also consider a BSD "family watch" similar to  Linux


MARC is taking responsibility for organization.

Intel Centrino Open Letter

By Friday, WES will either provide info about this, or another  topic.

NYC Vendor BSD List

All will provide ten vendors via TALK to Kliment who will  accumulate.
We also should divide up and hit the LinuxExpo  vendors.


WES will be upgrading the site, and we can then decide on role  of

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