[nycbug-talk] FW: BSDCan field trip

G. Rosamond george
Fri Jan 9 16:58:18 EST 2004

fyi all. . .this is an email exchange i had with the bsdcan organizer.

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->If anyone wishes to give a talk, they are welcome to it.

i don't know if there is. . .i, for one, am not a developer.  i'll
forward your messages onto the nycbug.org list, which you're more than
welcome to join.

->Also, if you need directions, maps, accomdation recommendations etc,
->we should have that all sorted for you.  I've driven NYC to Ottawa 
->before.  It's a pretty good trip, especially if you go via Lake 
->Placid and cross over at into Prescott (much quieter crossing).

that's great.  one of our members is from the ny/canada border, some i'm
sure he'd concur.  i know 87 to lake george, and find the ride very

if there's anything we can do to help, let us know.  we'll have a
presence at linuxexp in a few weeks, so if you have a flier or anything,
let us know.  we'll duplicate and distribute.

how many are registered now for bsdcan?  what about the mailing list. .
.seems to be dead.  no messages in a few months. .. 


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