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Looks good


> We have initiated a BSD user group in New York City called  NYCBUG
> (pronounced "nice-bug").
> There are two goals for this new user group:
> First, to provide a forum for the many BSD users in New York City to
> discuss and debate topics of interest to the BSD  community.
> Second, to provide a bridge to users interested in learning  more about
> or expanding their knowledge of the BSD family.
> Our kick-off event will be a free "birds-of-a-feather" session  at
> LinuxWorld Expo at the Jacob Javits Center on January 22nd  at 5:45pm,
> Room 1E15.  We will have a presence at various  tables at the expo,
> including those of BSDMall and New York  PHP.
> Our first presentation, "Secure by Default: Learning from  OpenBSD,"
> will be held on Wednesday, February 4th at 7:00pm in  the offices of
> SageSecure, 116 West 23rd Street and 6th Avenue  on the fifth floor.  To
> be given by Wes Sonnenreich, author of  "Building Linux and OpenBSD
> Firewalls" and "Network Security  Illustrated," this talk will deal with
> crucial security  concepts and best practices for today's computing
> environments.   Subsequent meetings will take place at 7:00pm on the
> first  Wednesday of the month.
> Our website is located at www.nycbug.org.  The site will  include a
> joint documentation project with New York PHP and  OpenlySecure.org,
> focused on providing original documentation  to new and experienced BSD
> users alike.  NYCBUG also provides  community mailing lists to assist in
> discussion and learning  about the BSD world.  Interested users join the
> mailing list at  http://www.nycbug.org/mailinglist.html.
> NYCBUG is open to all interested individuals, including, but  not
> limited to, users of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD,  DragonFlyBSD,
> OpenDarwin, Darwin and Mac OSX.
> Since the origins of Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) UNIX  in the
> 1970's, BSD has been a consistent force among the  backroom servers of
> the world, powering internet service  providers, hosting firms, and web
> sites such as Yahoo! and  2600.com.  NYCBUG works to assist current
> users, those  interested in learning more about this fundamental
> operating  system family and various other BSD projects, and to provide
> a  channel for community interaction.
> We look forward to supporting the BSD community in a variety of  ways in
> the coming months and years.  Please join us in making  NYCBUG a
> success.
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