[nycbug-talk] important issues

G. Rosamond george
Wed Jan 14 10:03:48 EST 2004

our three immediate tasks, i think, are as follows:

1.  dealing with fliers for linux expo.  should include spiel or a
version of it, and advertise bof and feb 4th meetings.  should be done
in pdf. . .

2.  scheduling topics for march 3 and april 7th meetings.  michael: talk
to wasabi about netbsd and embedded systems.  wes: maybe osx talk if you
make contact with tekserve.  ideas?  we need to have flier for march 3rd
meeting at feb 4th meeting.

3.  getting the announce spiel out there. . .usenet?  deadly.org?
kerneltrap?  bsdatwork?  net, open, darwin lists?

any other issues?


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