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Rodrick R. Brown rbrown
Wed Jan 14 23:51:43 EST 2004

Marc, please read what I wrote and Aron got the point I was trying to make
not sure why you didn't :-) "SOLARIS WAS BSD" you can't take that away from
it period so all the extra stuff about your background isnt necessary :) 

Just my 2cents. 

- RB 

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On Wed, 14 Jan 2004 22:38:14 -0500
Aron Roberts <aron at slam.cc> wrote:

> Yeah but I think you are missing his point about original SunOS....

I am aware of the history, I worked on hpux 9.X wich was also bsd based
and apollo domain(what HP bought to get into the workstation market) boxes
in college.  But with that said if you talk Sun today you are talking
Solaris and it is that simple.  And the only reason that unix
converged the way it did in the 80's and 90's was that for cheap money
you could buy the basis of your OS cutting a year off of the development
time.  And even current Unix is still not where VAX/VMS was back in 1990.
And in many ways it could have been done much better, root is
a design flaw and /etc/passwd with the passwords world readable was also
just not a good idea.  


> if it were not for some stupid BBS in Seattle I was on where I had to 
> learn SunOS 4.x.x_x (blah blah) I don't think I would have ever turned
> into a UNIX geek. And it was all BSD before they went to "Solaris"
> So yes the product is dead... but it doesn't remove the history of
> what you used "back in the day"
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