[nycbug-talk] bsdmeetup

G. Rosamond george
Thu Jan 15 00:29:26 EST 2004

so go and make a statement. . .

if they haven't heard already.


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->Actually I created the original BSD Meetup Group..however I 
->think only 
->2 other people signed up in NYC so AFAIK there have been no NYC 
->meetings but they have been happening in other places.. I would be 
->happy and shocked if there has actually been a real meetup in NYC so 
->On Jan 14, 2004, at 8:14 PM, G. Rosamond wrote:
->> aron had mentioned this to me before. . .but apparently 
->> http://bsd.meetup.com/ is having some bsd meet up on jan 21 
->in chelsea 
->> or something.
->> is anyone on that list?  can someone mention the bof and jan 22?
->> g
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