[nycbug-talk] fbsd 5.2

G. Rosamond george
Fri Jan 16 19:36:15 EST 2004

some recent experiences. . .

1.  the install process adds a couple of more questions, including
whether you want to allow ssh logins.

2.  seems that everytime you go into sysinstall, a whole set of comments
are added to the rc.conf, which i think is a pain in the ass.  so you're
having a problem using the ports, and decide to use sysinstall's
packages.  boom, three or so lines of code clogging up your rc.conf.

3.  also, for some reason, when i enable linux compatibility *each* time
during the install process, it bombs out and i need to do it manually
later on.

comments?  common experiences?


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