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Marc Spitzer mspitze1
Fri Jan 16 20:40:11 EST 2004

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 19:26:36 -0500
"G. Rosamond" <george at sddi.net> wrote:

> i don't mean to keep beating this dead horse, but i'm a bit confused
> by the announcements not getting posted on bsdforums, bsdvault, etc.
> i know they've been sent, but how come they weren't posted?
> also, marc, get your sh*t together.  it takes two minutes to hit
> usenet/deja and attack them.  if you remember, that's where i first
> contacted *you* about getting a bsd user group started in nyc.  i
> think a few others are also from there too.
> g

Have you read/comprehended any books or courses how not to step on your
dick while trying  to get things done in a group?  If you have reread them and pay attention this time, fee free to take notes.  If not then read some, again feel free to take notes.

Now let me give you some general guidelines about managing groups to
get good results:

1: praise in public
2: discipline in private
3: before you discipline you should investigate what is going on, there 
may have been a good reason why X did not get done.

Now let me explain what actions your management has encouraged:

1: this letter
2: watch stargate
3: get pizza after stargate
4: then post


1: was get the posts done that I committed to.

Now since we appear to be done cracking the whip of management, can we get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Also trying to get people to volunteer when you decide to attack them out
of the blue and in a public archived list is not the best way to get people to step forward.

Now one last thing sh*t is spelled 'shit' please use a spell checker.


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