[nycbug-talk] RE: a question. . .

G. Rosamond george
Sun Jan 18 22:46:43 EST 2004


i think you're raising the crucial point: this talk (and nycbug in
general) needs to address an audience aware of the advantages of the
bsd's, but also unfamiliar with exactly why.

while the embedded system approach with netbsd isn't exactly
beginner-to- intermediate hacker material for the home user, there is an
opening to make the case.

i know that the latest windows embedded systems have made a big comeback
with digital video recording systems, side-swiping linux in the process.
but while there may not be many embedded systems/system on chips people
around, i do know that the netbsd case for itself a great meeting topic.


->I'm new to the *bsds, but my research into making a 
->point and more sort of hardware has inevitably led to *bsd projects. 
->I've heard of the security of netbsd and of course that it 
->runs on just 
->about everything, so my interest was peaked, but I haven't 
->been able to 
->find a great deal of information that's been helpful. To sum 
->it up, I'd 
->be interested in hearing about
->	-cross compiling and porting from x86 to other platforms
->	-how netbsd compares to other options for embedded 
->systems in terms of 
->system size & requirements, performance and security, 
->particularly as it 
->relates to network related equipment

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