[nycbug-talk] bruce schneier

G. Rosamond george
Mon Jan 19 23:16:40 EST 2004

as i mentioned last week, bruce schneier, the god of security, spoke at
the 92nd street Y. (http://www.schneier.com/)

while his talk was mostly focused at the "where do i sit in the plane"
crowd, i did manage to speak to him briefly before the presentation
about nycbug.

he said he would be glad to speak for us, and that i should shoot him an

i don't know about his specific views on bsd, but i do know he's
pro-open source, and that his blowfish is the default encryption for the
passwd file in openbsd.

i think it would be a big deal for the nyc tech community for him to
speak at a free, open meeting.

i will email him this week and do some followup.

see you all at linux expo.

hans will be at nyphp, me at bsdmall, and we'll all be at the bof.

michael gave me 500 fliers for the expo, and i'll get more made

look forward to meeting more of you face-to-face.


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