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PUTAMARE jeffknight
Sun Jan 25 16:54:28 EST 2004

On Jan 25, 2004, at 4:07 PM, G. Rosamond wrote:
> why?  i would think a decent 4 color logo would work nice. . .when are
> we printing on a regular basis. . .?
> but i agree simplicity for the site is key, but with the logo, i'd need
> some convincing. . .4color, funky could only help us in recognition.
> ..tshirts? sticks? etc. . .

Whatever your replication needs are, a one or two-color design is 
substantially cheaper than 4-color (CMYK). Post-its, pens, lanyards, 
t-shirts, any kind of swag you can think of, really, the cost of 
applying the ink is the limiting factor.

As far as recognition goes, simpler is actually more recognizable than 
complicated. Look around you, and you'll see that most logos (except 
for open source groups) are made to look good in one color (sometimes 
two). If you have a single color logo, you can do a lot with it, if not 
you end up being stuck. Look at O'REILLY (a two-color logo), Verizon, 
IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, UPS. They do a lot while staying easy to print 
and aren't much more than type treatments.

While I'm at it I'd also advise staying away from the 
"representational". It often makes things look cheesy, and again limits 
your options for future growth. No offense to the guy that suggested an 
apple, but what if NYLUG, NYPHP, and any other NYC based user group all 
independently decided to put LUG, PHP, etc. inside of apples and all 
showed up a LinuxWorld next year?

As an aside, can we get the From of this list set to 
talk at lists.nycbug.org and not whomever posted? I just sent 
george at sddi.net this message.

Jeff Knight
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