[nycbug-talk] Possible topics for future meetings

G. Rosamond george
Mon Jan 26 20:31:51 EST 2004

ditto. . .

there's a number of people in nycbug who are focused on individual
servers or desktops, and that's great.

but the true strength of bsd is in the 'plant' environment.

think of yahoo, or the backrooms of large investment banking firms: it's
these places where cvsup, stability, etc, really shine.

marc, did you have someone in mind for this talk?  could we pull someone
from yahoo!???

i can talk to bsdmall about this. . .


->I'd cheer the 'large plant' topic- and also, can add that I 
->could 'sing 
->backup vocals', from the perspective of my small hosting 
->company, where 
->we manage lots of computers- (less about hardware, more about jailing 
->In a nutshell, we like to be able to sleep, hence, BSD. <g>
->On Jan 26, 2004, at 5:01 PM, Marc Spitzer wrote:
->> Another good one would be 'large plant' issues, why bsd is good for 
->> people who manage lots of computers
->> marc
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