[nycbug-talk] Things to do while compiling a kernel:

Isaac Levy ike
Mon Jan 26 22:16:25 EST 2004

On Jan 26, 2004, at 9:58 PM, PUTAMARE wrote:
> Curved lines are more interesting than straight, and who doesn't feel 
> the patriotic thrill of red, white and blue....
> <nycbugRB.gif>

Dude- this thing is SWEET.  Really holds it's form well here- I'd be 
proud to wear that logo on a baseball cap any day...

slick, but not hokey, clean but not generic-

Re. Black vs. Blue vs. etc... I'd make a move to leave color somewhat 
open, since the graphic form of this thing is so strong?  It could 
change colors in different contexts and totally hold it's form- Perhaps 
always keeping the BUG part red?  I'm just blabbing here- ideas anyone?

I totally love this one- Jeff, you rock for putting energy into this!


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