[nycbug-talk] list volume, starting web-forums and other lists

Wes Sonnenreich wes
Tue Jan 27 13:13:05 EST 2004


We've reached the point where list volume is getting significant.

We need an announce list.

We also could use an admin list for organizers, or people interested in
getting involved in organizing.

It would also be nice to start segmenting general talk discussions into:

- community networking (the personal type, vs. the cat-5 type)
- technical chat
- help (newbie -> root)
- security related discussions
- misc chat


As proposed earlier, web forums would be ideal for this, especially if the
forums had some sort of bridge to the discussion lists.

With that in mind, I've started to set up some forums on the openlysecure
site. I'm going to try to install the m2f plugin for phpbb, which might
allow us to link the web forums with various discussion lists.

if anyone cares to take a look at it, it's here:




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