[nycbug-talk] list volume, starting web-forums and other lists

Wes Sonnenreich wes
Tue Jan 27 15:10:42 EST 2004

> If there was some kind of Yahoo!-like list/forum/group merge interface I'd
> be happy because then I can keep using my email.

That's essentially what I'm trying to get going. There are a number of
initiatives to do this, but none are really in full production. I'll
probably have to do some php hacking.

> Otherwise email is the way, I don;t care much about volume, I filter into
> separate folders, and storage is cheap these days. I have email going back
> several years on here.

I do the same, but there is an organizational win to forums for people who
aren't subscribed to the lists, and don't want to subscribe, but want to
easily sift through resources.

The way I have the forums organized, it would take 5 or more separate
mailing lists to accomplish the same thing. It's much easier for someone
coming at the group for the first time to see what's going on (especially
with the sticky ability on critical posts, something most mailing list
archives lack).

Clearly, the ideal situation is some sort of bridge... because we don't
want email sophistication level creating a barrier to participation in the
group.  In my experience, the vast majority of email users don't know
anything about filtering or mailing lists, but are very comfortable in
forums. Some of these newbies might want to try a BSD.

So, we'll see how successful I am at this integration thing. But it
certainly doesn't minimize the need for some type of higher lieve
organization... the subject line simply doesn't cut it in my book.

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