[nycbug-talk] the lists. . .

G. Rosamond george
Wed Jan 28 09:17:24 EST 2004

->Hi George,
->   It was nice to meet you at the LWE. Always good to
->put a face to the name. I would volunteer to moderate
->a list such as newuser or support or tech or whatever
->it gets called. I am definitely new to BSD and Linux
->but work from home and am on and off the computer many
->times during the day. I can recognize spam and or the 
->beginnings of a flame war as well as anyone.
->   The group seems to be off to a good start and is
->comprised of some really nice folks.
->   all the best,

pleasure meeting you face-to-face also Bob.

i think we need to make some decisions about what list or lists first,
then we can move on. . .

but i'm sure all appreciate your offer.  let's all keep that in mind.

i personally don't feel that strongly about either route, but will move
with whatever the collective decision is wholeheartedly. . .

i agree we're off to a good start, and am pretty excited for the feb 4th
meeting. . .and was stunned at the success of the LWE bof.



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