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Wed May 12 12:28:36 EDT 2004

> >By George Colony 
> >
> >"If Jobs and team point their considerable innovation and creativity
> >back toward desktop applications, they could blow a lot of new thinking
> >into the market. Call it "iWorks"--an integrated desktop suite based on
> >Linux. Apple would feature iWorks first on the Mac and then make it
> >available on Intel machines. This would mean that 5 percent of desktops
> >would have Linux desktops right out of the chute--a great start for the
> >first serious Linux-based Microsoft Office fighter. This one's a
> >stretch, given that Mac is based on OpenBSD, not Linux. But if the
> >opportunity becomes compelling, I'll bet Jobs will move."
> >
> wow.  OpenBSD.  wow.  who the hell is George Colony?  oh he's an 
> analyst, no wonder he has no clue about anything

This press crap got so bad, I don't even read it anymore. Anyone who
can type is allowed to publish their expert articles these days..


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