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Mikel King mikel.king
Wed May 12 15:58:14 EDT 2004

Sunny Dubey wrote:

>On Wednesday 12 May 2004 12:10 pm, Pete Wright wrote:
>>wow that's awesome!  thank god i've got my asbestos jumpper still on
>>;^)  honestly tho, i'd be hard pressed to find any other computer maker
>>that takes industrial design as seriously as apple....
>I guess you've never sat down in front of an IBM POWER workstation or 
>Sunny Dubey
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With regards to IBM....I just received this tidbit...

3. Office, Beware - Here Comes Workplace

>From Business Week (Topic: IBM Workplace), May 10:
If it stood on its own, IBM's $15 billion software group
would be the world's second-largest software company,
trailing only Microsoft. Yet, most of the software IBM makes
runs on powerful server computers, and it figures only
minimally in desktop computing. That's about to change.

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