[nycbug-talk] Lab environment

Isaac Levy ike
Wed May 19 18:06:46 EDT 2004

Wordemup all,

On May 19, 2004, at 5:52 PM, G.Rosamond wrote:

> Spoke to a vendor (GCS, who's rep is cc'd) and they are willing to 
> lend us hardware for any test scenario.


> I put out the idea of comparing FBSD with ipfw, NetBSD with ipf, and 
> OpenBSD with pf, but the dominant interest seemed to be around 
> networking protocols.

Actually, agreed for the moment...  Seems like pf, with the new pfsync 
and carp mania is taking off in some new directions, so this could be 
more appropriate in a few months IMHO...  once folks have more 
familiarity with it all-

> One problem is that if we do want to include AFS, AppleTalk, etc, 
> we're comparing protocols on inherently difficult to compare 
> architectures.

I'm in- and have enough experience to make the architectural 
differences relatively painless (i.e. I've got our back on mac).

> Thoughts?
> Who is interested in taking a lead on this?

I don't know about lead, but count me in.  If it's a lead that's 
necessary, I'll do it, but not until after next NYCBUG meeting can I 
commit the time.


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