[nycbug-talk] Lab environment

Josh McCormack joshmccormack
Thu May 20 20:10:03 EDT 2004

G.Rosamond wrote:

> Spoke to a vendor (GCS, who's rep is cc'd) and they are willing to lend 
> us hardware for any test scenario.
> I put out the idea of comparing FBSD with ipfw, NetBSD with ipf, and 
> OpenBSD with pf, but the dominant interest seemed to be around 
> networking protocols.
> One problem is that if we do want to include AFS, AppleTalk, etc, we're 
> comparing protocols on inherently difficult to compare architectures.
> Thoughts?
> Who is interested in taking a lead on this?
> g
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I'd be interested in seeing ease of use, performance and usability and 
interoperability of various FOSS VPN solutions.

Would that interest anyone else?


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