[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD 4:10 T-Shirt

G.Rosamond george
Thu May 27 22:28:19 EDT 2004

On May 27, 2004, at 9:54 PM, Mikel King wrote:

> In order to be that generic we might end up with a hotdog, plain old 
> boiled no mustard, or ketchup, or even onions let alone chili...Uh 
> sorry just got home from work it's been a rather long day...no supper 
> yet, where was I...Oh yeah...so like can we maybe come up with a set 
> of core ideals and criteria; then say postit on the NYCBUG and DN site 
> as a logo contest? The winner gets a complimentary item with the new 
> logo on it, and credit of course for their design....blah blah blah...

Great idea. . .probably as you were typing that, I said the same exact 
thing to Chris over the phone. . .

There should be some fun with this. . .like there's been generated 
around the NetBSD logo.

FBSD 5.3 is supposed to be the first stable release in the 5.x series.

*That* seems to me to be a great theme to work from.  . . .

What about the daemon pulling the Leaning Tower of Pisa straight up?

What about some earthquake theme. . .the daemon closing a fissure in 
the earth?

We should also get this onto the FBSD lists. . .particularly advocacy. 
. .


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