[nycbug-talk] Laptop purchase possibility. . .

Kevin Reiter tux
Wed Feb 16 11:15:17 EST 2005

G. Rosamond wrote:
> I was dead set on a ThinkPad, but after playing with a client's Sharp 
> MM10, I may change that.

Go here, Grasshopper:

Updated often and loads of good info that's model-specific.  I used it 
to get X working on my Dell C640 on 4.10.

> For those who don't know them, check out www.sharpusa.com, but make sure 
> your browser identifies as IE.

If it doesn't work with anything other than IE, why would you waste your 
time/energy on it?  I would guess (notice I didn't say "assume"? :) that 
if they can't be bothered to make their website W3C compliant, they 
didn't spend any development dollars in making sure they have hardware 
that plays nice with anything other than M$...

..just me .02 .

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