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Freeman, Joshua j
Tue Feb 22 23:15:31 EST 2005

One possibility is to use some kind of OCR app. to convert the PDF to an editable file... unfortunately though, I don't think you can go from 'pdf' to OCR... I think the OCR apps. want you to actually have a paper version that you scan first, thus converting the paper document to an image, either a .tif or .pdf or .jpg....

You've asked an interesting and challenging question!


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On Feb 22, 2005, at 11:01 PM, Okan Demirmen wrote:

> so in my quest to have a paperless office, i'm struggling with one
> big thing: faxing/emailing back forms sent or downloaded in pdf
> form.

'Paperless office'?  You're so 1991. . .

> thought i'd hit up this knowledgable list to see if anyone has any
> bright ideas ;)
> obivously the faxing thing is not an issue (faxmodem+hylafax), nor
> the emailing part;) the part about filling out forms that come
> across the wire as pdf. i'm aware that adobe can edit certain
> "fillable" pdf forms, but the majority of stuff out there is not
> of that type - besides, i'm not going to bye adobe to fill this gap ;)
> are there any ideas out there? is coverting the pdf to an image,
> then editing that image a valid, and sane, idea? ideas? or maybe a
> hit on the head with a good cluestick that has the magic google
> search keywords ;)

Buy a Mac and buy the full version of Acrobat. . .

Would love to hear some insight on this. . .


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