[nycbug-talk] backup from bsd

Dan Langille dan
Mon Feb 7 15:23:09 EST 2005

On 7 Feb 2005 at 15:17, steve wrote:

> One of my jobs is using Veritas to do all their backups, the issue i
> have is that veritas does not play nicely with fbsd, they only client
> they have (that i found) didnt compile properly, and i can not rely on
> it, that it will backup as required. So does anybody know of a way i
> can backup multiple servers to a windows box, (say run a bacula server
> on windows (is it possible?)) and from there veritas will take it to
> tape. Directly from bsd servers to tape is not an option ( i did try)
> the ones in command dont want it.

The Bacula server <http://www.bacula.org/> does not run on Windows 
(but the bacula client does).

Failing that, have bacula run on a BSD box, and backup to a shared 
mount point on a windows box.

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