[nycbug-talk] First Look At Solaris 10

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Feb 25 12:04:58 EST 2005

Hi Evan,

On Feb 25, 2005, at 11:56 AM, Inker, Evan wrote:

> First Look At Solaris 10
> Last update:? 02-25-2005
> Sun Microsystems has recently released Solaris 10
[snip-big press release type message]

I can't speak for the whole list, but I'm not entirely sure why you 
posted a long solaris press release to the nyc*bug talk list?  I mean 
it's a loose conversational list, open to a wide gammut of topics and 
tech, but this feels like white noise spam in my inbox here- (if I 
wanted this kind of thing I'd sign up to a Solaris list?)

I'm not meaning to start any flames, but is there some specific 
interesting reason you posted this to nyc*bug?


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