[nycbug-talk] Email providers

Gordon Smith g
Wed Jul 6 10:11:41 EDT 2005

You might want to use a web hosting plan with email support, then put up an
index page and a 404 page and just use the email services.  

Check out aplus.net as a web host.  I've purchased domains from their
names4ever.com division for $8 w/o any other related commitments (e.g. no
hosting agreement obligation etc.); their customer service has always been
good to me.  Looks like this plan might do the job -

A suggestion for selection criteria, no matter who the host is: see if they
have dedicated personnel who monitor spam blacklists to make certain that
your domain/ip address stays off the lists in the event that their server is
used as an open relay - or even if your domain is falsely accused of
spamming.  IMHO this is one of the things that illustrates the difference
between a company that throws together a network and takes their customers'
money vs. a professional service provider.

Let us know how you make out.


-----Original Message-----
Need to find a RELIABLE emaip provider ASAP.
Any recommendations.

Wasn't there an email company owned by one of our list members?

Need to host about 50 email accounts.. at no more than $50. :-(
The users do POP so there won't be much load/storage..

Only need about 3 users with 20MB quotas all others can be even 5MB..

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