[nycbug-talk] maildir client via smb for windows...

Jesse Callaway jesse
Thu Jul 7 10:06:48 EDT 2005

On Thursday 07 July 2005 09:53 am, Kevin Reiter says:
> Marc Spitzer wrote:
> > seconded I like it and have used it.  Just curious does thunderbird do
> > it?
> No idea.  I haven't really had time lately to look into it.  If I hear
> anything, I'll post it.
> -Kev

Thunderbird needs either POP or IMAP. Kmail is another which supports reading 
off of the local filesystem. I'm using it now, but only because I'm too lazy 
to change it (and set up POP). It's an OK program and the only problems are 
GUI related, and thus will be ironed out I assume. But the problems are bad. 
The toolbar buttons have a mind of their own.


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