[nycbug-talk] laptop?

michael lists at genoverly.net
Mon Sep 18 19:23:27 EDT 2006

On Mon, 18 Sep 2006 19:04:46 -0400
pete at nomadlogic.org (Pete Wright) wrote:

> i'd checkout the nycbug.org dmesgd page.  i know i've submitted a fair
> amount of laptops there.  i've had good luck running open on Xseries
> thikpads as well as a dell C400.

I can vouch for OpenBSD on a ThinkPad T21 & T43.. no problems.  OpenBSD
on any IBM/Lenovo laptop is a pretty good bet.

While Craigs list has it fair share of shifty_dudes, it is a little
more personal (local) than ebay.  There is even a slight chance you get
an opportunity to slip in a CD to see if it boots well.

Your specs are in the sweet spot for a bargain.  This brings 74 items:



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