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Trish Lynch trish at bsdunix.net
Fri Sep 22 17:46:02 EDT 2006

On Fri, 22 Sep 2006, Kevin Reiter wrote:

> Charles Sprickman wrote:
>> What an excellent lineup.  But where are these geeks that wake up before
>> 10 a.m.??? :)  I've yet to meet one...
> ..especially the geeks living in Jersey that have an hour+ commute with
> traffic.  Might as well just stay awake Friday night into Saturday :)
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I have room for one or two at my place in the Bronx. Not sure if I'll have 
my son though, so no partying. As I'm also very ill, I go to bed early, 
but I do offer wifi (secured and "unsecured") and a comfy fold out couch, 
and if I don;t have my son, a futon as well.


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