[nycbug-talk] Serial cable for sunfire v210

Steven Kreuzer skreuzer at exit2shell.com
Thu Sep 25 10:35:28 EDT 2008

nikolai wrote:
>  Folks,
>  I inherited an old V210 with no cdrom and no video card that runs
>  Solaris. I know the root password, but ... root is not allowed over
>  the network, so my only option of getting into the box is serial. My
>  trusty old null cable doesn't seem to be working.
>  Can anybody enlighten me about what sort of cable I need there (and
>  where to get it :). Any pointers are welcome.

Hey Nikolai-

Sun's InfoDoc #73815 should help.


In a nutshell, the v210 has two serial ports. One is marked 10101 and is 
used for general purpose data transfer
devices like printers or modems. Since you said you are using a null 
modem cable, I have a feeling this is what you are trying
to connect to.

There is another port marked "SERIAL MGT" that accepts an RJ-45 
connector. This is to access the ALOM and system console.
Try to connect to that and if you still get nothing on the console type 
#. to send a break to the ALOM


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