[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD 9 installation failure

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Wed Oct 17 01:28:34 EDT 2012

> See http://mfsbsd.vx.sk/.  If you need help after looking at that page
> let me know.  Pretty straight forward.
> You can do zfs mirror or zfs stripped using that install image and your
> hardware.  If you are i386 you need at least 512Mb memory....I know my
> x86 box crashed at 384M under heavy I/O load.
> The least I have run on AMD64 has been 4G and zfs is great that way.
> If you want to go the gmirror route google FreeBSD gmirror onlamp and
> you will get the article that I follow when I do gmirror installs.  I
> can never remember all the details.
> -Brett

Thanks Brett!  Much appreciated.

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