[Tor-BSD] Tor Browser on OpenBSD

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Feb 23 19:51:44 EST 2016

We've put in a lot of time on TB 5.5 in the past ten days, including
some heavy tightening up and an i386 release.

Quick question for anyone who's installed it about the desktop icon:

/usr/local/share/applications/tor-browser.desktop copies to the local
user's ~/.local/share/applications which is supposed to dump the icon on
a lot of window manager's desktops, according to the somewhat loose

It does not work in XFCE, which uses ~/Desktop, and attila is so old
school Unix that he dwells in the pre-desktop icon era.

Any other window manager users out there who's installed TB get a
desktop icon?  Particularly KDE and GNOME users...

Offlist replies are fine too... if you don't want to reveal that you
rely on a clunky, overengineered window manager :)


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