[CDBUG-talk] July Meeting Followup

Jameel Akari jakari at bithose.com
Mon Aug 1 09:00:24 EDT 2005

>> However, with 26 people currently subscribed to the list, I'd
>> really like some thoughts on how to increase turn out for the

I'm one of the slacks who means to come, and then manages to forget or 
have something else come up at the last moment.

> I was going to suggest that we just meet in the computer center
> here on the RPI campus.  Parking would be annoying, as always,

If you make the meeting after 6pm or so on a weekday, or on a weekend, 
things aren't that bad - usually I can get into North Lot, they leave the 
gates open.

> into. I have a new Powerbook G4, and I was thinking it might be
> entertaining to try and install freebsd/ppc on that.  I'm not
> sure it would have been *successful*, but it might have been
> entertaining.

I know at least one person who had OpenBSD/PPC running on a Powerbook, and 
aside from the lack of firewire support it worked.

I can't vouch for FreeBSD on an old Sparcstation, but I will say from 
personal experience that OpenBSD works just fine on most of them, with 
most devices supported. It's generally very easy to install, if you are 
familiar with netboot and Sun hardware.

Jameel Akari

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