[CDBUG-talk] August meeting reminder

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Fri Aug 19 13:05:42 EDT 2005

At 8:34 AM -0400 8/19/05, Jonathan Franks wrote:
>Hey all,
>Okay well August 28th is fast approaching. It looks like we're going
>to give meeting at RPI a shot this time around and see how it goes.
>I'll defer to Garance for what time would be best and the easiest
>routes and whatnot (for those of you not already there, of course).

Actually, the end of August would be a really bad time to have a
meeting at RPI.  July would have been great, if I had remembered
to say something about it.

That very same weekend (August 28th), students are arriving for
the new semester.  In fact, some of Saturday and much of Sunday
is when we parcel out new laptops to the incoming freshman.  It's
a long weekend for most people in the computer center!

On a related topic, it is very likely that I won't be making this
month's meeting.  The official work tends to end around 5pm, and
by then I'm usually so tired I can barely function...

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