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Well I am still with you on the last Sunday evening of the month.  I
appreciate all the help I have received from coming to the meetings, and I
hope that my postings this month to the list has helped someone locally.   I
forwarded those posts to people on the openbsd-newbies list and it really
helped them out.

On 9/27/07, Jonathan Franks <jonathan.franks at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Well we're coming to the end of another month. We haven't met in some time
> and I suppose that I am responsible for this.
> No excuses.
> Since the inception of this list and for some time now, I have thought of
> this group as a success waiting to happen. It's time that it stopped
> waiting, and actually happened.
> Let's meet. I'm not certain what success means in our case, but this isn't
> it. Everyone on this list is a valuable asset to this group, and there is no
> reason whatsoever why this thing cannot succeed. Let's make it happen. I
> think that we're all on this list because we'd like to see a BSD users group
> in our area, and both the talent and experience are here to make it happen.
> The meeting topic (there's something that has been lacking... ) should be,
> in my opinion, what we want to see happen with the group and how we are
> going to get there. Technical? No. Practical? I think so.
> You guys set the date. Let's try to make it work for everyone. There are a
> lot of people on the list, and if we are going to pull this thing together
> it would seem that the more participation we have the more likely we are to
> succeed. If the last Sunday plan works, fine, but if it doesn't, then that's
> fine too. What I want to see are responses on list. Let's work this out
> together and let's work it out so that we get maximum attendance, and keep
> going from there.
> Personally, I feel honored and excited to have met each and every one of
> you. I'd be saddened to lose contact with you, and see the group fade away.
> Things change, but I still believe in BSD, and I still believe that this
> group is a success waiting to happen.
> Are you with me?
> -Jonathan
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