[CDBUG-talk] FreeBSD & 8GB RAM

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Thu Dec 31 08:12:15 EST 2009

On Dec 30, 2009, at 9:19 PM, Jaime wrote:

> OK, I'm pretty much wishing I had a set of 64 bit binaries on this box, now. :)
> I'm used to using cvsup and make world and mergemaster and so on.
> I've been doing it for about a decade.  Given that level of sysadmin
> skill, do you guys think that I could handle switching the box from 32
> bits to 64 bits?  Is there anything in the FreeBSD documentation or
> even unofficial documentation about this process?

As far as I know it isn't officially supported..   I think an update from src is possible.  but from what I understand non-trivial and prone to problems.   Also pretty sure binary no available either. 

The recommended way when changing architectures is to backup your data, fresh install, clean install all required ports, copy your data back. That is what we've done when upgrading.  But now that all my BSD boxes are diskless it is a much easier problem to solve.  Rebuild all, update Next Server/Root and reboot :) 

In my mind it is big enough change,, that I would just start fresh and bring my data back, as I think it would probably wind up being less work, that trying to chase down every little issue that is likely to come up..


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