[CDBUG-talk] Meeting?

Jameel Akari jakari at bithose.com
Fri Oct 12 11:16:18 EDT 2012

On Thu, 11 Oct 2012, Patrick Muldoon wrote:

> Is there interest in starting to meet IRL again?

Yes, definitely.  Wednesday nights would be ok for me, assuming we're not 
thinking of every week.

> Richard Stephan, has offered to talk about Postgres, and I know I am 
> really interested to hear it as we are migrating our production 
> databases over to Postgres from M$ SQL server.

I'd be really interesting in learning more about Postgres.  I've inherited 
a sizable PG system here (clustered too) and it's not something I've had 
to run before.

Jameel Akari

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