[CDBUG-talk] log search and report for multiple devices.

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QRadar is a popular aggregator of syslog information. However, I think that it is fairly costly.

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Does anyone know of a good package, whether commercial or open source, that allows a sysadmin to pull information from the logs of multiple devices specific to a security event, ie to provide information to law enforcement? What I'm hoping to do is to have said devices (think firewall, wlc, dhcp, web filter, etc. etc.) log to a syslog server somewhere, and be able to easily extract information about a given internal ip at a given time from all of them in a meaningful way without having to parse the files individually any time this type of information is required.

I can envision scripting this, but the folks who'd be utilizing this would be more comfortable with a GUI front end, maybe something web based.


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