[CDBUG-talk] Great meeting, opportunity to promote BSD

David Solomonoff president at isoc-ny.org
Fri Mar 13 09:03:04 EDT 2015

Had a great time at the meeting and would love to host again - we'll
have facilities issues resolved next time.

On other fronts, just heard about this open source festival at UAlbany
and a very tight deadline but would be a good opportunity to pitch BSD
to people who associate "open source" with just Linux:


    Are you working on an Open Source application?

    Would you like to share your experiences using Open Source tools ?

    Are you using or producing Open Data or Open Access Documents ?

    Are you working on a new technique to benefit Open Source software

    Would you like to work with like-open-minded people on projects or
challenges ?

    Do you base your work on Open Source software ? For research,
education or commercial applications ?

    Do you participate and share on Open Source communities?

The Open Source Festival is a celebration of the vitality and creativity
of Open Source communities.

We are looking for sessions that embody the Open Source spirit and its
social and technical manifestations. Including: roundtable discussion,
demonstrations, workshops, tutorials and hackerspace demonstrations;
focusing on projects, applications, and techniques of Open Source
technology and community practices.

The format this year will take advantage of a large open ballroom where
presenters will directly interact with small groups of attendees, as
they wander around  through stations. As a presenter, you can reserve a
station for any length of time, for example 30 minutes, 2 hours or you
can have a station for the entire day. Submit your out-of-the-box ideas
for different activities and corresponding durations. The goal is to
create a dynamic and informal environment for open discussions.

The audience will be a diverse group of open source enthusiasts from
academia, industry and government.

This will be our 5th year celebrating this event; last year we had over
200 people in attendance. We expect even more this year.

Please submit proposals no later than March 15th, 2015. Selected
presenters will be notified via email by March 25th, 2015.

David Solomonoff, President
Internet Society of New York
president at isoc-ny.org

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