[CDBUG-talk] Recreating a 10.2 machine

Jaime jaime at snowmoon.com
Tue Apr 18 14:16:17 EDT 2017

Just guessing, but can they use rsync to make the remote/sandbox machine
into a copy of their production machine?  Also, I think ZFS had a means of
sending file systems over IP block-by-block.  I don't know if either of
these approaches helps them get when they need to go, but I thought I'd
point them out and someone more knowledgeable might be able to do something
useful with these ideas.


On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 11:30 AM Fongaboo <freebsd at fongaboo.com> wrote:

> Hello CapDist FreeBSD friends... I thought I might share this with you to
> see if anyone has any knowledge they can share...
> https://www.reddit.com/r/freebsd/comments/663idb/trying_to_recreate_a_102_machine/
> > Trying to recreate a 10.2 machine? (self.freebsd)
> >
> > submitted 3 minutes ago by fongaboo
> >
> > I have a production machine running 10.2. When we last attempted
> freebsdupdate and pkg update, a bunch of software we had installed broke.
> We were able to roll things back with a ZFS snapshot thank god.
> >
> > We've since been given some steps to take with our particular software
> that will allow us to otherwise upgrade things. But I still don't want to
> try it first on the production machine. So I've created an Amazon EC2
> instance with a 10.2 AMI, and am attempting to install everything the same
> as we have on the production machine, best I can... So that I can then
> attempt the upgrade in this safe space first.
> >
> > Problem is, even though I've installed FreeBSD 10.2 on this instance, it
> seems to be using newer ports in the ports collection. For this to be an
> effective endeavor, I really need to install the versions of the software
> that would have installed in 2015/2016. Dependencies are failing when I try
> to make install, so it's an actual problem.
> >
> > When I first launched the instance, I ran portsnap fetch/update. Is
> there some way I could either roll back to a snapshot and run portsnap
> again with a modifier to get circa 2015 ports collection? Or could I
> somehow individually modify the make command to get the versions of
> software packages that match the production machine?
> >
> > I've tried portdowngrade but it doesn't seem to have the correct
> versions of some of the ports that are being problematic.
> P.S. The software combo involved is pretty much FAMP, as described here:
> http://www.purplehat.org/?page_id=4
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