[CDBUG-talk] New beginnings: CDBUG virtual meetings

Callahan, Brian Robert callab5 at rpi.edu
Wed Oct 28 19:06:17 EDT 2020


I had overwhelmingly positive responses from the broader *BSD community about restarting CDBUG meetings as virtual, at least for now. Hopefully this works well and even when we're back to in-person meetings we can still find a way to bring in virtual attendees.

But this is still primarily a CapDist community. So I ask: when would be good for us locals to hold meetings? We used to do first Wednesday of the month at 6:45 PM. Does this still work for people? Would other times be preferred? Let me know.

Additionally, I do have people from near and far who would be willing to present, so we are potentially good for content for the foreseeable future. Of course, more presenters is always better.

Anyhow, for the locals, let's think about time. Spread around word to other locals (and other far-away people), and let's make this happen!


Brian Robert Callahan, Ph.D.
Lecturer, ITWS at RPI
Office: Amos Eaton 132
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