[KnoxBUG-talk] January Update

damianos at knoxbug.org damianos at knoxbug.org
Tue Jan 10 22:26:03 EST 2017

I just wanted to apologize for my absence online for the last few weeks, and give everybody an update. Tomorrow, my wife will be having her second surgery in two weeks. While I’ve been helping her deal with these health issues for the last few weeks, I’ve fallen behind with my KnoxBUG duties. I finally had some free time today and have gotten caught up with some web site updates.

The next KnoxBUG meeting is planned for Tuesday January 31st. This time there will be no talk, and we’ll have a raspberry pi install fest instead.  Details including what to bring, have been posted at http://knoxbug.org/content/2017-01-31 

I’ve also posted a write up about our last meeting here: http://knoxbug.org/content/blocks-docs-talk

I have Joe Maloney lined up for February. He will be doing a talk about OpenRC in TrueOS. As soon as I get a description back from him, that meeting will be listed on KnoxBUG.org as well. 

I’m looking forward to seeing everybody there. 

Damian Szidiropulosz
damianos at knoxbug.org

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