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Tue Mar 28 08:54:22 EDT 2017

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to remind you all that, as I announced last meeting, I won’t be able to attend the March KnoxBUG meeting. I tried to book a speaker despite my absence but I was not successful. I do have Caleb Cooper lined up to do a talk about advanced BASH scripting for April though. I’ll be posting the details of that talk on the web site within the next day or so. 

As far as today is concerned, some of the people that were there last month mentioned that if no speaker was found, the activity can just be an “Open Discussion". Maybe one of the topics can be what you’d like to see at these meetings in the future.

Apologies for my absence tomorrow, I’ll catch up with everybody in April.

P.S. Sorry this message is being sent today, I actually sent it earlier but I didn’t catch the failed delivery notice

Damian Szidiropulosz
damianos at knoxbug.org <mailto:damianos at knoxbug.org>

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