[Semibug] upcoming workshop session -- early 2018

Josh Grosse josh at jggimi.net
Fri Nov 3 20:19:16 EDT 2017

For those semibuggers who missed the discussion in October, I 
suggested that we hold a workshop in lieu of a presentation at
an upcoming meeting.  I thought perhaps some "hands-on" with
a test system might be fun for attendees.

Of course, since I suggested it, I was tasked with developing

Proposal for a workshop at an upcoming meeting

I propose to "workshop" two types of dynamic webservers, to
examine the security and administrative implications they may
have.  Both use PHP, the server-side scripting language, but
from there they diverge. One writes data into the filesystem,
the other writes its data in a relational database via SQL

The environment will use OpenBSD's simple and secure httpd(8)
web server, which is always operated in a chroot(2), and
integrates with PHP via its FastCGI Process Manager ("PHP-FPM").  

The "hands-on" session will install and provision these PHP
applications on a running OpenBSD system:

1.  Dokuwiki.  

2.  Drupal. 

Each attendee will be provided with a running, virtual private
OpenBSD server hosted on my laptop.  The only tools needed will
be an SSH client, a browser, and a willingness to play with a BSD 
variant you might not be very familiar with.  


I am open to your suggestions for other types of hands-on 
experiences, as I'm sure you may have better ideas.  I have a
farm of webservers in this laptop which could be put to other


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