[Semibug] Tonight's meeting at Altair - I am double booked, so cannot open the building as early as normal

Jeffrey David Marraccini jeff at nucleus.mi.org
Tue Aug 21 09:13:28 EDT 2018


I am double booked today and will be down the street handling a 
personnel issue when I normally open Altair for us at 6:00 PM.  I expect 
to be back at Altair by 6:45 PM.  I know some of you like to arrive 
early, so if you arrive before I get there (my car, a silver Alfa Romeo 
Stelvio with license plate JEFF M will be parked in the front parking 
lot by the doors we normally use), please visit Leo's or Tim Horton's 
next door until I get there.

 From now on, I will block my calendar to prevent these things happening 
at work on Semibug nights. Sorry for the difficulty.

Travel safe and see you soon,


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