[Semibug] FreeBSD Foundation Presentation for Novemeber

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Fri Nov 5 20:25:08 EDT 2021

Hi Gals and Guys:

 Semi-BUG's presentation for November 16th will feature Deb Goodkin,
the head of the FreeBSD foundation. She will talk to us about
resources for installing and running FreeBSD as well as the mission of
the FreeBSD Foundation. Deb is an accomplished programmer who has a BS
in Computer Engineering as well as a Masters in Electrical
Engineering. Prior to joining the FreeBSD Foundation she worked as a
firmware engineer and as an application engineer for Maxtor
Corporation. Deb is proficient in FreeBSD systems administrationi. She
currrently runs FreeBSD 13. You can read an interview with her here:

"Our whole mission is to support the FreeBSD project and the community"

The presentation will be on November 16th, at 1900 hours Detroit, MI
time. I will email the Jitsi link a day before. 

Kind regards,

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