[nycbug-talk] Article on Unix and open source

Jesse Callaway jesse
Mon Aug 2 00:45:33 EDT 2004

On Aug 2, 2004, at 12:04 AM, G.Rosamond wrote:

> http://os.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=04/07/28/2057223
> The article is titled "can gnu ever be unix?", but the author 
> repeatedly refers to gnu and bsds.
> Thoughts?
> g

"In researching this article I met with hurdles that almost made me 
give up on writing it." - newsforge.com article 4/7/28/2057223

I guess that money from the Open Group made you think twice, huh.

This is pretty crazy. I like that he hints that Windows could be 
certified with some code revamping. It's an amusing thought. The whole 
article is rather uninformed and not newsworthy. It's an ad with bad 
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