[nycbug-talk] Flash and advocacy

Bob Ippolito bob
Sun Aug 15 14:52:31 EDT 2004

On Aug 15, 2004, at 12:45 PM, Scott Robbins wrote:

> A BSD enthusiast on the BSD forums has posted a petition to sign to be
> sent to Macromedia asking for a BSD flash version.
> Regardless of what we feel about flash pages :), it does seem a way to
> let a vendor know that BSD is major market.
> The petition is at
> http://arameus.net/petition/index.php
> At present there are still very few (48 or so) signatures.

Flash isn't just for web pages; it's pretty important for embedded 
applications.  It's definitely the quickest and cheapest way to develop 
a custom GUI (no standard widgets, which is fine for touchscreen apps). 
  I know of several companies that develop Linux based kiosk systems 
that use Flash.  I've worked on a few in the past.  Having another OS 
option would be nice.


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