[nycbug-talk] hardware to give away and RAM needed

Josh McCormack joshmccormack
Sun Aug 15 16:42:53 EDT 2004

I have some old hardware that I want to give away. If you can contribute 
parts to make these things more useable, perhaps we can assemble, load 
an OS at an install fest and hand it off to someone.

Umax Vista S6 SCSI scanner

Both of these were neighbors boxes they set free on the street:
One box with K6/2 CPU, AT monitor port (not PS/2 or USB), one stick of 
RAM, a 6 Gig HD I removed, floppy, CD-ROM. It booted up, but with no AT 
keyboard/mouse I could do little with it.

A Compaq Presario 4504 system with some old Intel CPU (pentium 100 
something maybe) and ps/2 keyboard, has USB ports on it, no hard drive, 
no RAM. Can't remember what other drives it has. Pretty sure there's at 
least a CD-ROM drive on it.

I'm also looking to change some RAM in a box. If anyone has some to sell 
or give away, I'm running a Dell OptiPlex GX110. I think I have two 
128MB SDRAM, PC100  Non-parity sticks in there, I'd like to have two 
256MB SDRAM PC100 Non-parity.


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